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The Best Pho in National City

At Chao XO, located in the heart of National City, we take pride in serving what many consider the best pho in San Diego. As a blend of Asian and Latin American flavors, our restaurant offers a unique twist on traditional pho. We delight our guests with three exceptional pho variations, each receiving high praise and creating memorable dining experiences. Now, let’s dive into the details as we explore each of the dishes below.

best pho in san diego

Beef Pho: A Must-Try for Pho Lovers in San Diego and National City

Our Beef Pho is simmered for 12 hours to achieve a perfect broth. Enjoy tender ribeye and rib bone with silky rice noodles complemented by a green onion mix. Additionally. you have the choice to customize your bowl by adding an egg, bok choy, or an extra rib bone for a heartier experience. So, as we can see this dish is a standout for anyone seeking the best pho in National City.

Vegetarian Pho: The Best Vegetarian Pho in San Diego

Furthermore, our Vegetarian Pho is a fresh, delightful option that competes for the title of the best vegetarian pho in San Diego. Loaded with tofu, bok choy, green beans, and eggplants in a savory veggie stock, this pho is as nourishing as it is delicious. The mix of green onions and perfectly cooked rice noodles adds a satisfying texture to this wholesome dish, making it a favorite for vegetarians and health-conscious diners alike.

Birria Pho/Birria Ramen: A Unique Twist on Pho in San Diego

Lastly, blending traditional Mexican birria with classic pho, our Birria Pho/Birria Ramen is quickly becoming the talk of the town for those searching for the best birria pho / birria ramen San Diego has to offer. This dish features slow-cooked chuck roast with chiles guajillo and chiles de arbol, creating a spicy, savory broth. It’s also served with rice noodles, red cabbage, and green onions. Additionally, feel free to customize your meal with additions like egg, bok choy, or a side of tortilla, making it a must-try for pho and birria lovers.

Visit Chao XO for the Best Pho

At Chao XO, each dish tells a story of diverse cultures. From hearty beef pho to the best vegetarian pho in San Diego, and unique birria pho/birria ramen, our menu has something everyone will enjoy. Chao XO’s commitment to quality and flavor! 

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